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Posted 1/13/15: Marty Logan 2014 LODBRS World Champion - video by Lucas Oil Products, Inc.
POSTED 8/24/16:

Ok folks. This is one of our own in the racing family that
needs and deserves our help. Come on dragboat
racers and the rest of America, let's do this and help
TOP FUEL HYDRO PILOT Scott Lumbert and Lynn
Lumbert. Give if you can, but please continue to pray
for Scotty's recovery.

Either click the GoFundMe.com link at the right, or if
you'd prefer to PayPal your donation, I will collect them
- along with a list of those who donated, and present it
to them...as per several requests of others.

Several individuals have contacted
me directly requesting to make a
donation to Scott via PayPal.

If you would like to make a direct
donation (for any amount) click this
button. Marty Logan Racing will then
present 100% of all money donated to
Scott Lumbert...with a list of all who
made donations. THANK YOU, lets help
Scott get well as fast as possble!
To Make Donations With PayPal
Scott Lumbert, was involved in a serious accident
on 8/14/16 racing the Lucas Oil Drag Boat
Racing Series, please
CLICK HERE to go directly
to the GoFundMe.com page with complete info!
CLICK STICKER for larger viewing size:
Scott's wife Lynn is posting Facebook updates on her
page located
9/5/16 UPDATE: THANK YOU to everyone that rallied behind the #RACINGFORSCOTTY fundraiser, and through 9/4 collectively we were able to raise
$55,768.78 to help assist with Scott Lumbert's recovery. PLUS
Tommy Thompson Motorsports matched our total donations dollar for dollar, so the total
ended up being $111,537.56! THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone for helping the Lumbert family!

YOU CAN STILL DONATE to the Lumbert family by clicking the donation link above, just note that Tommy's matching donation fundraising drive ended
at the Wheatland race (9/4), as was the original plan. Anything you can donate to the Lumbert's will go a long way to his family!
can ship you a 'Get Well Champ' sticker to display!

Note that if you do want a sticker, $2 of your
donation will go to cover shipping.

And you need to provide
us your full mailing info
by emailing us at: